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Upgrade from Zentyal 5.1 to 6.1

Create a Backup of configuration files

Important: the backups files are not compatible with a different version of Zentyal

Backup entry point

Update your system with minor upgrades

Important: use only web gui to upgrade your system, don’t use apt!!

Update system

After these minor upgrades, we are ready to upgrade to the latest Zentyal version. Reboot your system, go to the dashboard and click to “Upgrade now” button!

Zentyal upgrade button

The upgrade process require a lot of times

Start installation

After many hours the installation process could be crash at this point:

“Installing new version of config file /etc/cron.daily/zentyal …”

Installation process

Ok, open a terminal as root and type “reboot”

After the reboot, complete the upgrade running this as root:

dpkg --configure -a

Your system is upgraded to Zentyal 6.0!

After another reboot, we are ready to upgrade to Zentyal 6.1

Repeat the process, check for minor updates.

check for minor updates

when you are ok with minor updates, start the upgrade process from the dashboard

Ok, the upgrade process is finish

Check if our client can log in to our new server

Go to “Users and Computers” and add an example user: “Federico II” and try to login with a client