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Zentyal and GlusterFs

We can use GlusterFs to improve the availability of the storage for Zentyal. Setup storage nodes and import data Move Zentyal data to external disk Attach another disk to your Zentyal machine, in this case is /dev/vdb create an ext4 file system and mount the disk in a temporary mountpoint copy all data (or move it) from /home directory to the mount point fix /etc/fstab and remount /home Setting two node with Ubuntu 18.04 node1… Read More »Zentyal and GlusterFs

Upgrade from Zentyal 5.1 to 6.1

Create a Backup of configuration files Important: the backups files are not compatible with a different version of Zentyal Update your system with minor upgrades Important: use only web gui to upgrade your system, don’t use apt!! After these minor upgrades, we are ready to upgrade to the latest Zentyal version. Reboot your system, go to the dashboard and click to “Upgrade now” button! The upgrade process require a lot of times After many hours… Read More »Upgrade from Zentyal 5.1 to 6.1

Install Zentyal 5.1

Zentyal is a set of tool to manage a Samba 4 Domain based on Ubuntu distro DNS Manage Users Share directory Groups Compatible with RSAT! Installation Download iso Zentyal 5.1 from here Create a virtual machine to your server/pc or use a real machine Define a static IP address for Zentyal and a name Start installation like this video After reboot, start the configuration of the domain controller For us, the Zentyal server is named… Read More »Install Zentyal 5.1