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ITC for human beings

About me

I’m Nicola, freelance DevOps consultant and Sys Administrator from Verona, Italy.
I live with my girlfriend Serena and my dog Smith.
I like to work on challenging projects that require an in-depth analysis to build customized IT solutions.
For me, each project is an opportunity to exchange know-how and help organizations to grow.

How I work

My goal is to provide immediate added value from the analysis of the problem (often the most snubbed thing).
After this phase, several solutions are proposed, in some cases several partners can be involved.


Makarenalabs – Verona

[Name] “DevOps and IT support”

[Description] Work with amazing team with nodejs process, docker and python services

[Start] 2019 [End] –

Logo Enterprise VE Data Center
Enterprise VE Cloud – Brescia

[Name] “Datacenter and support”

[Description] Help a team of company to manage their datacenter and their customers services. These project require proxmox, zimbra and zentyal as skills.

[Start] 2019 [End] –

Logo Gizero energie
GiZero Energie – Verona

[Name] “Scalability and grow

[Description] This collaboration was born to help their IOT system to be more scalable and secure. These project require Linux host and container skills.

[Start] 2019 [End] –

Logo Cooperativa Sociale Galileo
Galileo – Verona

[Name] “Livenet Project

[Description] The project “Livenet” is a set of tools to manage the deploy of Linux OS on thousand of clients in University of Verona. The software is a set of bash script

[Start] 2018 [End] 2021


In these years I work mainly with open source technology but I also worked with some proprietary solutions

  • Google cloud platform and Amazon AWS
  • Linux Debian, CentOs, Ubuntu, Alphine
  • LXD and Docker containers
  • Elasticsearch
  • Proxmox and KVM
  • Zentyal
  • VMware esx
  • Active Directory and Windows Server
  • Python, sanic and flask
  • WordPress,Moodle
  • Zimbra
  • Google Suite
  • Scripting with bash
  • Apache
  • Traefik
  • Icinga and Monit


Logo It Service-Net
Logo Enterprise VE Data Center
Enterprise VE Cloud